Empress Light Medium Roast

Roast Level: Light Medium
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Sweet
Body Notes: Clean and sweet with low acidity

The Empress Light Medium Roast is part of Nobletree’s Micro-Lot line of coffees. These Royal Roasts are crafted from the best selection of single-origin beans grown on our Santa Izabel Farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Farm Director Humberto Florezi Filho carefully cultivates these beans with sustainable farming practices. The coffee beans were grown in terraced mountain shade and can be traced back to the plot of origin and are hand-picked when they are at their ripest.

The Empress Light Medium roast has a sweet and clean body with low acidity and a rich aroma and highlights chocolate, hazelnut, and brown spice notes. The Empress Roast is well-rounded with a very prolonged and pleasant aftertaste, resulting in an exceptional cup of coffee.

About The Brew

Our premium, Royal Roast micro-lot beans represent the finest of this year’s harvest. They are carefully hand-picked on our award-winning Nobletree Farms (Santa Izabel and Monte Verde) and roasted on a small-batch Probat Roaster to deliver refined flavor and sweetness with a rich aroma. Royal Roast is fully traceable and available only in small quantities until we sell out. Available in whole bean only.

Brazilan grown, harvested by hand, selectively processed, then artisan roasted for a royal taste.

Royal Roast

Empress Features

Flavor notes:
Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Brown Spice

What makes Royal Roast Unique

Coffee Quality Control

Our farms passionately strive for high-quality coffee production that is sustainable and environmentally friendly


Our Micro-lot coffee comes from coffee beans are cultivated by our Farm Director, Humberto Florezi Filho. The beans are grown slowly to full maturity in terraced mountain shade on our Fazenda Santa Izabel. With the region’s high altitudes, our coffees are highly balanced and well-rounded with a clean delicate finish.
Map of Brazil
Coffee Beans in Air


These Arabica yellow bourbon beans are picked by hand to deliver the ripest cherries. They were naturally processed by our post-harvest team, who rigorously monitor their progress. Our post-harvest team utilizes state-of-the-art tractors, wet and dry method processing, and BSCA grading. Each team member is responsible for only one step in the process, and all are well trained and add value to our supply chain. 


Fazenda Santa Izable engages in socio-environmental practices that support our farming community as well as preserves the quality of each crop. Offering courses and workshops for small local farmers/producers in the region, we provide them with tools and knowledge to improve and reinvest in their crops, move outside of the standards of industry pricing, and sell their beans at a higher price, allowing them to reinvest and grow in their community. With our vertically integrated supply chain, our farmers and workers cultivate and grow coffee with patience and skill, knowing that their hard work and innovation will be recognized and enjoyed.

Coffee Beans on Fruit Vine

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